XADO Atomic Oil Hydraulic VHLP 46

XADO Atomic Oil Hydraulic VHLP 46
  • XADO Atomic Oil Hydraulic VHLP 46
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XADO Hydraulic Oil VHLP is a series of hydraulic oils with high antiwear properties and high viscosity index. The oils differ from each other by their viscosity. 
The oils are specially designed for multiloop hydraulic systems. They are also applied for circulation lubrication systems.

XADO Hydraulic Oils VHLP are made of the refined mineral base oils and complex of special additives. The oils contain atomic revitalizant. 
Thanks to high oil viscosity index, the oils have stable viscosity properties in a wide temperature range. XADO Hydraulic Oils VHLP have excellent demulsifying ability, perfect anti-foam properties, hydraulytic and thermal stability. The oils offer good protection against corrosion.

Owing to the content of atomic revitalizant, the oils XADO Hydraulic Oil VHLP have the following advantages compared to the regular hydraulic oils:

  • compensation of current wear of joints and units of hydraulic systems and keeping them in antiwear condition;
  • improvement of reliability and life span of the units of hydraulic mechanisms;
  • increase of efficiency of hydraulic motors and pumps;
  • decrease of power consumption of drives by up to 5
  • reduction of units noise and vibration.

    The amount of the revitalizant in the oil is enough to keep the friction surfaces of the units in top condition. To restore and repair the mechanisms, use XADO gel-revitalizants.

    Performance level: 
    HLP DIN 51524 part 3 (VHLP) 
    ISO class L-HV (according to ISO 6743/4) 
    Vickers I-286-S and M-2950-S 
    VDMA 24318 
    FZG A/8.3/90>12 (ISO-VG 46 and 68) 
    Thyssen TH-N-256132 
    FZG A/8.3/90=12 (ISO-VG 22 and 32) 
    US Steel 126/127 
    AFNOR NF E 48603 (HV) 
    ZF-TE ML 12 
    Cincinnati Milacron

    Typical properties of XADO Hydraulic Oil VHLP: 22 32 46 68
    Density 20°C, kg/l 0,862 0,865 0,870 0,874
    Viscosity at 100 °С, mm2/s 5,1 6,5 8,4 10,9
    Viscosity at 40 °С, mm2/s 22,4 32,5 47 67
    Viscosity index >145 >145 >145 >145
    Flash point, °С 195 213 217 230
    Pour point, °С -41 -36 -33 -30
    Sulfated ash, wt 0,16 0,16 0,16 0,16
    Acid number, mgKOH/g 0,8 0,8 0,8 0,8

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