DEZI Anti-fungus

Anti-fungus against mold and mildew
  • Anti-fungus against mold and mildew
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Bactericidal preventive (preservative).

It is mold that is the source of diseases of the upper respiratory tract - ASTMA, TUBERCULOSIS, as well as allergies, in some cases, diseases of the internal organs of man. Mold spores are especially dangerous for children and infants. 

A unique disinfectant. The drug penetrates deeply and quickly kills mold, fungus spores in rooms with high humidity. It removes gray and black spots caused by a fungal lesion.

Detailed specifications



An aqueous solution of a bactericide containing chlorine and ancillary components.


  • Application without preliminary cleaning of the source of infection;
  • Fast effective result 15-40 minutes, after application;
  • Combines disinfecting, washing and bleaching effects;
  • Have a wide range of activities, including spores;
  • Thanks to the content of surfactants, the drug penetrates to the source of the source of infection, thereby acts "deeper";
  • Means resistant to biological contamination;
  • Prolonged effect for more than 90 days.

Application area

The drug removes and cleans affected areas of infection in rooms with high humidity, namely bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, especially in saunas, baths, swimming pools.

From surfaces

Facing tiles, silicone seams, plastered walls and plasterboard, plastic surfaces, wooden products, marble, problem areas of walls before applying wallpaper.


Recommendations for use

Affected area of ​​mold is not recommended to clean the surface with a spatula or scraper. Spores of fungi will "fly off", hit new surfaces and respiratory system.

Spot or spray the product from a distance of 10 cm to the infected surface, if necessary, distribute the product on the surface with a sponge or brush.

After 15-40 minutes, rinse with water or wipe with a sponge with plenty of water from the tile, plastic or wood surface.

In the case of foci of mold on the wallpaper, it is recommended to remove the wallpaper and treat the surface with a tool.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin (hand and respiratory protection).

After work is finished, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Shelf life

24 months

Storage conditions

Keep container closed at a temperature of -15 ° C to +35 ° C, separate from medicines, in places inaccessible to children

Form of issue

Trigger 250 ml., Article XD 10126.

Trigger 500 ml., Part number HD 10132.

Plastic canister 1 liter., Article XD 10133.

XD 10126

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