DOMO Lubricant for rubber seals

Lubricant for rubber seals
  • Lubricant for rubber seals
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Rubber seals are prone to aggressive action of acid-alkaline compounds, water, sunlight, frost (extreme temperature changes). It is designed for lubrication, restoration of mobility and prolongation of service life of rubber, plastic, metal, vinyl and other composite materials. It has ideal water-repellent properties.

  • The processed electric contacts of the car repel water and moisture.
  • Rubber seals: windows and doors, refrigerators, washing and dishwashers, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, water transport, etc .;
  • Lubrication of ball valves, mixers, siphons;
  • Handling of the guiding mechanisms of street gates and blinds of windows / doors;
  • Seasonal conservation of rubber, plastic and any composite materials;
  • Prevents the freezing of metal surfaces (drawing turbines boilers »;
  • Sales market: Sales outlets for the sale and maintenance of plastic windows and doors, household appliances, sanitary ware shops, heating equipment shops and service centers, bicycle and motorcycle-auto shops, auto shops, car service stations, car washes;
  • Market: Production of plastic windows - effectively lubricates the fittings and locking system, fishing stores.
  • Deep penetrates and lubricates the surface to be treated;
  • Displaces water, moisture, dust due to pressure - local surface treatment;
  • It forms a water and moisture repellent film on the surface;
  • Restores and preserves the elasticity of the seals;
  • Ideally lubricates copper, bronze, aluminum, copper-lead alloys;
  • Provides a tight fit, eliminates the freezing of rubber to metal;
  • Protects against cracking, several times increases the service life of mechanisms;
  • Returns the original look of rubber, plastic, vinyl;
  • Protects against corrosion and atmospheric acid / alkaline effects;
  • Lubrication of bronze valves in double-circuit boilers and columns;
  • Lubrication of oil seals, sealing rubber and paronite gaskets, rings, rubber rings of water and sewer pipes;

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For zmazuvannya plastmasovikh mehanizmіv at pіdklinyuvannya: shhernі е електроінструментів, механізми зливних бочків. A box of gum parts for cars, especially in the areas of the bottom;

For dodannya estetichnogo vizhladu plastic, gumovin and vinovilovim virobam;

The temperature range of robot is 40 - 250 ° C, the guarantee term is 5 rock.


Balloon 150 ml., Article XD 10016

XD 10016

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