AtomEX Super Start

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AtomEX Super Start
  • AtomEX Super Start

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A tool for quick start of the ATOMEX Super Start engine.

Efficient means for quick and easy start of engines of all types: gasoline (carburetor, injector), diesel, four- and two-stroke, rotary.

  • Helps reduce the starting wear of the engine.
  • Economical in application.
  • It is especially effective in winter at temperatures below -5 ° C.
  • It makes starting the engine exceptionally easy in the cold, with high humidity, with wet spark plugs, a weak battery, low fuel quality.

Detailed characteristics


Shake the can. 

To start the gasoline engine: spray the product (2-3 seconds) into the air filter or into the intake manifold.

To start a diesel engine. Spray the device (2-3 seconds) into the intake manifold when the glow plugs and the open flap are disconnected.

Immediately start the engine.


Oxygen-containing compounds, antioxidants, gas-propellant hydrocarbon


It is also possible to inject the agent directly at the start of the engine (remotely, with the help of a second person).


Aerosol 400 ml., Article XA 41114

XA 41114
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