XADO Supergrease

XADO Supergrease
  • XADO Supergrease
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XADO Supergrease is designed for restoring and protecting the joints and mechanisms operating under heavy loads

The grease forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces. restore their original geometry.

XADO Supergrease is a universal substitute for any automotive grease and compatible with them in any proportion.

The grease extends the life span of the treated parts by several times.

  • Restores parts with 10-30% wear degree
  • Protects surfaces of friction parts from wear
  • Keeps its properties even under long mechanical and thermal overloads
  • Prevents corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Prevents seizuring of the parts
  • Water-repellent

Technical info

The patented formula of this up-to-date grease is based on a composition of XADO revitalizant and EP complex (Extreme Pressure).

Method of application:

Step 1: Remove the old grease.

Step 2: Apply XADO Supergrease.

Step 3: One package is enough to treat one bearing pivot or other similar joints.


  • The grease is especially effective for protection of bearings against wear (up to 10,000.00 rpm). Recommended for new assemblies and parts
  • XADO Supergrease has a wide range of application: in cars, building and household equipment, sport outfit, etc.
  • By revitalizing effect XADO Supergrease is set between XADO grease “Protective” and XADO grease “Restoring”
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