Verylube Lubricants for calipers

Verylube Lubricants for calipers
  • Verylube Lubricants for calipers
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High-temperature grease for guide calipers.

VERYLUBE Grease for calipers is designed to prevent wedging and seizing brake pads on the guide rails of vehicles. 

  • Provides a clear operation of the entire caliper mechanism, complete fit of the brake pads and quick release of the brake disc at the end of the braking cycle
  • Increases the service life of the entire car brake system
  • Eliminates squeaks and squeaks at the moment of braking
  • Resistant to high loads
  • Operable in the temperature range -35 ... 400 ° С
  • Neutral to rubber technical materials
  • Green colour
  • Penetration, at 25 ° C, mmˉ¹:  280
  • Welding load, N:  2930
  • Critical load, N:  1380

Detailed characteristics


Required for use when replacing brake pads and maintaining the brake system.

  • Unscrew guide rails
  • Cylinder shake
  • Evenly apply several layers of lubricant (up to 5)
  • Each layer should be allowed to dry before applying the next
  • Assemble the node


Cylinder 320 ml., Article XB 40019

XB 40019
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