XADO Atomic Oil 5W-30 SM/CF C23

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State-of-the-art XADO Atomic Oil 5W-30 C23 lightweight synthetic motor oil.

Reliability, smoothness, economy - will always be maintained at the highest level due to the work of the patented formula of the atomar revitalizer, which is part of the oil XADO Atomic Oil.

  • Made on «mid SAPS» technologies and provides an increased resource for exhaust gas catalysts and soot filters (DPF — Diesel Particulate Filter)

  • Fulfills the requirements of the new European quality category - ACEA C3 ( oils of the highest operational category with an average level of sulfate ash, sulfur and phosphorus )

  • Recommended for use in Euro-4 engines ( tolerance MB 229.31)

  • Distinguished by the highest level of operational properties and provides a higher degree of protection and reliable operation of engines

  • Olive «long life», is used in engines with increased replacement intervals

    Exceeds the requirements of higher American (API SM/CF) and European (ACEA A3/B3/B4/C3) classifications, specifications of leading car manufacturers (BMW, MB, VW).

    Requirements and tolerances

    Performs the requirements of specifications and automakers:

    MB 229.31 BMW Longlife-04

    Recommended for use:

    VW 505 00/505 01 GM dexos2
    GM-LL-A-025/-LL-B-025 Fiat 9.55535-S1/-S3

    Detailed characteristics


    Made on the basis of special fully synthetic base oils.

    XADO Atomic Oil 5W-30 C23 - all-season lightweight synthetic motor oil ultra-class.
    Made by technology «mid SAPS» (mid level Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulfur) based on special synthetic base oils and the latest package of lures from leading world manufacturers.

    Viscous properties of XADO ATOMIC OIL 5W-30 C23 oil provide easy start at low temperatures (below -30 °C) and reliable lubrication in intense engine modes.

    The use of revitalizers is recognized as a promising area in the field of energy and resource conservation and confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries.


    Bank 1 l., article XA 25105.

    Bank 4 l., article XA 25205.

    XA 25105

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    100°C Fluidity

    Specific References

    XA 25105
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