1 Stage Engine Revitalizant For Hybrid

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REVITALIZANT® the 3rd. Generation with an optimal concentration of active nanoparticles. Developed for the restoration and repair of the engine directly during the operation of a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid motors are more susceptible to wear because they often work in start-stop mode and do more have a low engine volume. 

The REVITALIZANT® protects the parts in the long term from overload and overheating. Suitable for all types of hybrid vehicles.

  • Advanced formula from REVITALIZANT® the 3rd. Generation;
  • Based on nanoparticle activation technology;
  • Improved protective properties;
  • Active, continuous surface restoration;
  • Motor repair in one step;
  • Universally applicable for all types of hybrid motors;
  • Optimal running in of new hybrid motors.


  • Enter the contents into the engine oil.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Processing is considered complete after 1,000 km of mileage.
  • The oil must not be changed until the end of treatment.
  • Drive the vehicle in normal operation.


The composition is compatible with all types of motor oils and does not change their viscosity or other properties. Treatment should be repeated for engines with extreme wear. The metal-ceramic protective coating forms on friction surfaces of the metal parts of the mechanism, but in the case of critical engine wear ( 100% wear ), the damaged parts must be replaced.

Suitable for oil systems up to 10 L.

XA 10239

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