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Modern high-quality motor oil with a long service life. Contains REVITALIZANT ® [RF15.5].

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-30 C3 PRO LUXURY DRIVE - the highest quality motor oil with high performance for gasoline and diesel engines of cars and small-scale commercial vehicles, equipped with exhaust gas refining systems ( with catalytic neutralizers, soot filters).

  • Made by «mid SAPS» technology, has a low content of sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur and provides an increased resource of catalysts and soot filters (DPF — Diesel Particulate Filter);
  • Provides reliable lubrication and protection of engines with high specific power, including multi-valve, turbocharged, intermediate cooling of the injection air, direct injection;
  • Suitable for diesel engines with a injection system (Common Rail) and a injection pump system (Pumpe-Düse), meets the requirements of VW 505.01;
  • Especially recommended for Opel and Mercedes Benz car engines with soot filters that meet the requirements of Euro - 4, -5 and -6;
  • Provides extremely good protection against wear, rust and oxidation, and special attachments maintain the purity of the engine from dirt, sludge and deposits, even at increased replacement intervals;
In an engine with a run of oil XADO Luxury Drive due to its regeneration ability eliminates and treats surface defects.

Requirements and tolerances

Meets the requirements of specifications and automakers:

SAE 5W-30



Renault RN17

VW 505.01/505.00

MB 229.51/229.52/229.31

BMW Longlife-04

GM dexos 2



Detailed characteristics:

You need to know before use


The use of XADO Luxury Drive oils in the new engine provides optimal working ( without loss of metal in the chips) and retains its ideal condition throughout the service life.

Due to the presence of REVITALIZANT® compensates for the current wear of nodes and engine parts, supports the parameters of its operation (compression, power and economy ) at the highest level. RF (Revitalization® factor) - an indicator of the efficiency of recovery and protection of the engine from wear. RF=15.5 indicates that its protective and reducing properties are almost three times higher than XADO Atomic Oil.



When using oils, take into account the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

Technical information *

Density at 20 ° C, kg/l 0.850
Viscosity at 100 ° C, mm2 /s 12
Viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2/s 71
Viscosity at -30 ° C, mPa s 5590
Viscosity index 170
Flash temperature, ° C 200
Freezing temperature, ° C -39
Sulfate ash content, mass.% 0.78
* typical indicators


Can 4 L : ХА 24273

XA 24273

Data sheet

100°C Fluidity
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